Difference Between Shared Hosting And WordPress Hosting

When creating a website, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of hosting plan to purchase. If you use a platform like WordPress, you’ll need hosting in order for your website to be available online. What’s more, selecting the right option is vital. Two of the most popular choices for first-time […]

Setting up Nodejs on Harmonweb Shared hosting

What is Nodejs? Node.js is an open-source server side runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It provides an event driven, non-blocking (asynchronous) I/O and cross-platform runtime environment for building highly scalable server-side application using JavaScript. Node.js can be used to build different types of applications such as: command line application, web application, real-time […]

Guides To Purchase Hosting On HarmonWeb And Get Free Domain

Harmonweb solution is a Nigerian-based web hosting and web development company developed in 2020 to eradicate the struggle for Nigerians to get quality hosting services and support’s at an affordable price. Harmonweb offer the following service/products Domain name registration Shared Hosting WordPress hosting cPanel reseller hosting Master Reseller Hosting Alpha Reseller Hosting Cloud hosting Virtual […]

How To Create A Marketplace Website Using WordPress

SOURCES: https://benjaminolaw.com/how-to-create-a-marketplace-website/ One of the best ways to make money online now is to create a marketplace website like Amazon, Jiji.ng, eBay, and the rest. It is not all about creating the website, but what matters is your strategy to growing the website. (I’ll discuss that in another post). Creating an online store with WordPress […]


If you want to purchase a domain on HARMONWEB kindly follow these steps below: STEP 1: First you have to visit our official website (https://harmonweb.com) and you will see a page like this then at the top you will see some menus, just hover on the “Hosting” and you will see a drop down menu just […]