How To Filter Out Trafficbot.life From GA

Before we proceed here, you need to note that trafficbot.life is not an attack on your website but to spam your Google Analytics (GA).

What is Trafficbot.life?

trafficbot.life is ghost traffic that spam Google Analytics and then the Google monitoring tools have picked up.

So If you’re seeing sessions with the exact landing page “/trafficbot.life, /bottraffic.live, bot-traffic.xyz, bot-traffic.life ” or page then your analytics account has been a victim of spammers that pollute your stats in order to get your attention. 

How To Filter Out Trafficbot.life

Can Trafficbot.life Harm My Website?

Traffic, with a landing page of “/trafficbot.life, /bottraffic.live, bot-traffic.xyz, bot-traffic.life ” in your traffic reports or the same page in your Content reports poses no direct harm to your site. Of course, the indirect harm caused by the data pollution is hard to estimate and will vary. It tends to hit smaller sites harder, as it represents a higher percentage of their overall traffic.

There is nothing you can do on your site or server (.htaccess rules, WP plugins, firewalls, etc. wont help one bit!) as this is ghost traffic that bypasses your server and targets Google Analytics directly using what is called “Measurement Protocol”. Unlike regular bot spam, ghost traffic appears only in your GA reports and would not be visible in server logs.

I have seen several people who said they have tried using Cloudflare to filter these ghost traffics out but didn’t help at all. This is because the traffic is not coming to your website and the Cloudflare firewall can only block traffic on your website.

How To Filter Out Trafficbot.life

Note that this method is only scalable to an extent. So this is it, setup view filters in Google Analytics.

Click here to see how to create and manage view filter in your Google Analytics (GA)

Create an exclude filter for the Request URI dimension, filtering out the ghost traffics string (“trafficbot, bottraffic, bot-traffic“). This is the easiest and most scalable solution (scalable to an extent).

How To Filter Out Trafficbot.life

Also filter out referral traffic by using the Campaing Source

How To Filter Out Trafficbot.life

You can also use the include filter and allow only valid hostnames of your site.

Basically, the goal of the spammer sending ghost traffic to your GA is to get you to visit the URL you see as a landing page or a page in the content report so you are then duped into purchasing services or products from them, or using free tools they provide that they benefit from (e.g. browser plugins, shells, etc.). Sometimes your computer/device might end up catching viruses from such pages so it is not recommended to visit them.

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