How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress

How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress

Are you interested in showcasing a comprehensive list of authors on your WordPress blog?

Including an author list enables your visitors to easily identify who contributes to your blog and locate content created by their favorite authors. If you run a multi-author blog, it’s essential to list all authors in a post or a sidebar widget. This enables your readers to connect with the human side of your WordPress blog and swiftly find more content from their preferred authors.

How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress
How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress

Your author list can feature each author’s full name or display name, a photo or avatar, and a brief bio. You can also hyperlink their names and avatars to their written posts.

Another way to highlight your team on WordPress is by developing a staff directory with employee profiles. This is a better alternative if you want to incorporate staff members who don’t possess a user profile on your website.

This article aims to demonstrate how to showcase a list of all authors from your blog on WordPress.

Step 1: List WordPress Authors Using a Plugin

To display an avatar or photo for each author on WordPress, the first step is to install and activate the Author Avatars List/Block plugin. You can refer to the step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin for more details.

To add a list of authors to a blog post, you need to create or edit the post and then click the blue ‘+’ icon at the top left of the screen to add a new block.

From there, you can locate the Avatar Lists block and drag it into the post. To configure the list, you need to select which roles to display by checking the boxes in the ‘Which roles to display’ section. You also need to select which information you wish to display with the avatar. In this tutorial, we’ll just display their name.

You should scroll down to ‘Link avatars to’ and select ‘Author Page’. Next, you can choose how to sort the list, the size of the avatars, and whether to round them.

Finally, you need to scroll down and click the Advanced section to display its settings. Here you should type ‘1’ into the ‘Required number of posts’ field to make sure that only users who have written posts on your website will be displayed.

The Author Avatars List/Block plugin also allows you to add author lists to your website using shortcode. This is useful if you are using the classic WordPress editor.

If you want to place your author list in the sidebar instead of a post, you can navigate to Appearance » Widgets and add a new widget. You need to find the Author Avatars widget and drag it to the sidebar. You can then configure the widget using the same settings as mentioned above.

By default, the Author Avatars List/Block plugin displays the Gravatar connected to the author’s email address. However, if you want to display a photo that’s specific to your blog, you can install a plugin that allows your authors to upload a photo to their user profile. You can learn how to do this by referring to our guide on how to add an author’s photo in WordPress.

Step 2: List WordPress Authors Using Code

In order to showcase a list of authors on your website using programming code, it is necessary to modify your theme files. If you require assistance with incorporating code into your site, please refer to our beginner’s guide for instructions on how to copy and paste code snippets into WordPress.

<?php wp_list_authors('exclude_admin=0&optioncount=1&show_fullname=1&hide_empty=1'); ?>

To display the list of authors, insert the provided code snippet into your theme’s index.php template before the loop. If you wish to utilize this code in a sidebar widget, it will be necessary to create a customized WordPress widget.

We are optimistic that the information provided in this article has helped you showcase a list of all authors from your blog on WordPress.

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