SEO for Pharmacist: How to get more clients

Before, when a person had a question about a medication, they would come down to your pharmacy and ask you.

But now your trusted pharmacist is called “Google”.

More and more customers are informed, and even buy their medicines (without a prescription) through the Internet.

You know it well, and that is why you decided to launch your website a long time ago and to get more customers online… but you have discovered that getting customers online was not as easy as it was painted.

If this is your case, this post interests you.

And here we are going to explain how to attract more customers for your pharmacy through your website.

Specifically, we are going to see several strategies to:

  • Attract visits to your pharmacy page.
  • Get as many of these visits as possible to become customers.

Go preparing the stock, that very soon you will have a few orders to attend.

The first step to attracting more customers to your pharmacy: attract users to your website

An online pharmacy lives off traffic.

The more visits your page receives, the more chances you have of getting sales (as long as they are qualified visits: users who need products like the ones you sell ).

There are many strategies to increase your online traffic, but these are 3 of the most interesting:

1. SEO Optimization

Let’s assume that,

Every month there are 3,400 people searching for “antihistamine over the counter”:

If the website of your online pharmacy appeared among the first results for that search… imagine how many potential customers you could attract every month.

For that, you have SEO Strategy.

A strategy that consists of optimizing your website so that it appears in the first positions of Google for certain keywords (the terms that your clients enter in the search engine).

The best?

That “over-the-counter antihistamine” is a transactional keyword (someone who Googles this is because they intend to buy that product). 

So those visits could turn into immediate sales.

These keywords are targetted with:

  • The homepage: the main page of your website is optimized for those terms that define your activity. For example, “online pharmacy” or “online para-pharmacy”. 
  • Category pages: With these pages, you target keywords that describe the different kinds of products you sell. Thus, you can have a category page optimized for “Baby porridge”, another for “Sunscreen”, and another for “COVID antigen tests”… 
  • The product sheets: there will be customers who search Google for a specific product (for example, “Ibuprofen 600” or “Nivea Body Cream 250 ml”). To rank yourself for these searches you have the file of each specific product.
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And an extra trick: the names of the brands you sell are also keywords and you should create specific category pages for each of them.

To make it clearer, take a look at how many people Google Dodot brand products:

how to sell more with my pharmacy

Important note: with SEO you can also attract customers from your city. Thus, if you have a pharmacy in Seville, you could attack the keyword “Pharmacy in Seville center”. This is what is known as “local SEO”. And it is the first point that you should work on in your strategy.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that consists of publishing posts on topics that concern your audience.

For example, imagine a person who suffers from atopic dermatitis and Googles “How to take care of irritable skin”.

That person is not yet thinking of buying a particular product; what he wants is to know how to prevent (and alleviate) the itching and redness that he suffers from.

But if among the search results you find a post from your blog where:

  • You explain why that skin irritation occurs.
  • You offer advice to prevent it from appearing.
  • You recommend different creams that you sell in your pharmacy that serve to reduce itching and inflammation (linking to the sheets of each of these products).

Then it is very possible that, after reading the post, you decide to buy one of those creams.

3. Social networks

Social networks help you humanize your brand and create a community.

A group of loyal followers who come to you when they need to answer a question or buy a product like the ones you sell.

And how is this achieved?

Very simple: sharing valuable and useful content for your audience. 

There are many types of content you can create for your networks, but here are some ideas:

  • It offers advice on the use of products: which ones to use according to the time of year, how to apply them correctly… Take a look at how the Ahrefs account does it. 
  • Introduce your employees: it will give your customers a lot of confidence to know who are the people who serve them on the other side of the screen.
  • Upload humorous content: because you can divulge important topics, such as health, but with a touch of entertainment. Guillermo Martín, the person in charge of the Harmon Web profile, is an expert in this. 
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[Extra] Other strategies to increase the online billing of your pharmacy

Capturing online visits is essential to selling.

But in addition, there are other strategies that you can also apply and that will allow you to increase your billing even more, either:

  • Improving the conversion of your website.
  • Increasing the average receipt of your pharmacy.

Let’s see what they are.

1. Get them to buy the visits you have already captured (improves the conversion rate to sale)

The conversion rate to sale is the percentage of users who land on your website and end up buying.

The higher this rate, the more profitable your acquisition strategy will be (getting 1 client for every 100 people who enter your website is not the same as getting 5, right?).

In the case of an online pharmacy, there are two important factors to consider:

A. Reduce abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are the bane of any business that sells physical products online. 

In fact, according to this SaleCycle study, the average number of abandoned carts in the online store sector is 85%!

This means that for every 100 people who enter your online pharmacy and put a product in the cart, about 85 leave without finishing their purchase.

There are several reasons why this can happen:

  • The user experience is negative (because the page where the payment is made loads very slowly, it does not look good on mobile…).
  • The payment process is too long or you ask for a lot of data.
  • You force the user to create an account to complete their order (instead of allowing guest purchases).
  • You only allow payment by card, and not with platforms such as PayPal, Bizum, or Stripe.
  • The shipping costs are not reflected in the product file but are added “by surprise” at the time of payment.

If you improve all of this, you could greatly reduce the abandonment rate (and multiply your sales).

B. Install an internal search engine

Another common problem among online stores: customers have a hard time finding the exact product they want, and they end up leaving your page.

To avoid this, the most important thing is that the structure of your website facilitates navigation (that is, it helps the user to quickly reach the category of product that interests them).

But if the catalog of your online pharmacy is very large, you should also install an internal search engine.

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In this way, a person who needs a Lacer brand mouthwash only has to:

  • Write “Lacer mouthwash” in the search engine and press Enter.
  • Select the specific product you want and put it in the cart.

Without the search engine, that user would spend a long time browsing the “Mouthwashes” category until they find the ones from the Lacer brand (or until their patience runs out and they leave your website).

The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will end up buying.

2. Sell more to those who already buy from you (increases the average ticket)

Increasing the average ticket means getting your customers to spend more money on each order they place.

We give you two ideas to achieve it:

A. Create product packs

You can create packages with products that your customers often buy together.

An example would be a pack for facial care in summer, which includes:

  • Sunscreen.
  • Hydrating mask.
  • Facial tonic.
  • Exfoliating.

These types of packs have many advantages, because:

  • You make it easier for the customer: instead of selecting the products you need one by one, you can put them all at once in your cart. 
  • You differentiate yourself from your competition: other pharmacies only sell skin care products; you, on the other hand, offer your clients a “full facial routine”.
  • Increase stock rotation: in the packs, you can include some products that are less in demand, and thus prevent them from accumulating in the warehouse.

And another option you have is…

B. Implement cross-selling

Cross-selling consists of offering the customer products that complement the ones he intends to buy.

Imagine that a person has entered your website and has put an ointment to relieve mosquito bites in the cart. If at the time of payment you offer to also take an insect repellent, don’t you think he will be interested?

Thus, the customer will feel that you have helped him, and you get him to end up buying more than he had planned when he entered your website.

It is a complete win-win.

Put these tips into practice and start attracting more customers with your pharmacy

After years of working with clients from all sectors, we have seen that what usually costs the most is the first step: attracting qualified visits to your website.

And it is not easy to know which keywords to attack in your SEO strategy or which content may interest your followers more.

The good thing is that we can help you with that.

And we can do the same for you.

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