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When a manager of a company searches for “SEO for SMEs” on Google, we know what they are looking for: A company specializes in SEO but is oriented to small and medium-sized companies, and that understands their needs and can adapt to them, both in prices, as in services, and which can be trusted.

In the United States and the UK, SMEs have very important particularities, compared to large companies with large marketing budgets:

  • shoestring budget
  • limited staff
  • very limited time

SMEs: little budget, little staff, little time. Still, you can invest in SEO

SEO for SMEs: budget

The limited budget for SEO in SMEs

That the marketing budgets of SMEs are smaller than those of large companies is obvious, however, it should be noted that many SMEs think that their marketing budget should be zero, or very low, and this is a serious mistake that will influence the development of SMEs in the market.

Although it is true that not having a budget for marketing is a big mistake, it is not necessary to spend many thousands of euros to obtain results and get more sales for your SME. It is not necessary to advertise on television (or cash), but it will be necessary to make an investment in online marketing, mainly in SEO, since it is the basis of online marketing and the most profitable for SMEs.

SEO for SMEs: personal

The limited staff for SEO in SMEs

SMEs, and especially the smallest ones (those with no more than 50 employees), cannot afford to hire someone to set up a marketing department, not even an SEO department.

Why can’t SMEs afford to have an SEO department? Because for SEO to work in the medium term, you must first hire a good SEO with experience, one that does not abound in your region (although there are some and very good ones).

Because surely, if you are thinking of hiring someone, it will be a person who increases the productive capacity of your SME, you are not going to hire a person to do SEO, because it is most likely that your business does not need a person between 4 and 8 hours continuously working on the SEO of your SME, and because you can’t afford it and it’s also not good for your SME.

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Because for the same price as that person hired for SEO in your SME, you have an entire department specializing in SEO, and with experience, working for your company.

SEO for SMEs: time

Limited time for SEO in SMEs

You may think that you, as the manager of your SME, can take care of the SEO work of your company’s website. You know something about computers and you think that they should not be very complicated.

Why can’t the manager of an SME afford to do the SEO for his SME?

Because SEO is a complex task, in which hundreds of factors come into play. Factors, that to modulate them correctly for your SME, you have to have previously learned, during years of experience, how to use them and why.

In addition, it requires dedication, and the less experience you have, the more time you will have to spend (time you do not have). Especially in trial-error actions, which can also ruin your internet strategy, since Google does not forgive certain actions that it considers penalizable, as you can read in this article about trying to do fast SEO.

The normal thing, when you are the manager of your SME, is to want good things to go quickly. But in the case of SEO, this is an enemy of your business…, wanting a fast SEO is looking for ruin on the internet in the medium term (since it always implies cheating before Google, and Google will always end up catching you).

Knowing that you are responsible for the SME doing well, you will have to choose an SEO agency that you can sense will do the job well and that offers quality customer service. But you have to be clear that a person from your company, not an expert in SEO, is not going to be able to replace a  serious and experienced SEO company.

SEO for SMEs - Is SEO Good for Small Business?

Who has to understand the value of SEO for SMEs?

The manager of the SME must understand the importance of SEO for the evolution of his company, when it comes to attracting new clients, etc. If the manager is not clear about it, it is better than the SME does not use SEO in its marketing strategy. customer acquisition.

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Do SEO companies know how to adapt to SMEs?

Normally, from what we have seen in our years of experience, companies or agencies dedicated to SEO do not know how to adapt to the specific needs of each SME.

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Many SEO companies offer keyword “packs”… in a clear statement of intent that they are not going to personalize their services. To know if a company is interested in being with 5 keywords, or with 25 keywords, or 100 keywords, it will first be necessary to carry out a business analysis.

And if a business, with 5 ranked keywords is not going to get results, and cannot pay a higher fee, it should not be offered a “pack” of limited keywords, since it will be an expense for the SME with which it will not get results. .

You have to be more transparent.

The vision of our SEO agency, to offer a good service, is to offer a personalized solution for each business, according to its market of potential clients and its objectives , and without that customization meaning paying a plus.

The same SEO companies can advise SMEs to take additional actions to improve their SEO. As it can be, writing interesting content on the blog, for your potential clients, yes, with very marked guidelines for the length of the text and other considerations, and knowing that it is not necessary to sell the product or service in the same article.

How should SEO be for SMEs?

The SEO that is carried out on the SME will depend, in addition to the SME’s own objectives, on what the potential customer market of the SME is, that is, it depends on:

  1. the geographical location of your potential customers
  2. if it is a pure online business, or it is a traditional business that wants to attract customers online
  3. the price of the product or service you sell
  4. if the SME is able to retain its customers with sales every month
  5. if the SME has a physical location or not
  6. SME specialization

1.- It is different, for example, if the geographical area where your potential clients move is local, national or global… It is always more complicated, and therefore consumes more resources (it is more expensive), the SEO of SMEs with international markets . Followed by national markets, and then by local markets (cities or neighborhoods).

2.- It also influences if the SME only sells online, or if it does NOT need internet to sell. In the latter case, for SMEs in which the Internet is not essential to get clients, SEO is much cheaper (it consumes fewer resources), much more effective, and in addition, the time to achieve SEO objectives is also less.

It seems like a paradox, but this is because purely online businesses (online stores, etc.) need enormous resources in advertising to stand out from a large amount of competition that exists on the internet for purely online businesses.

If your SME ONLY sells online. Prepare the portfolio to do marketing, you will need it

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In fact, purely online businesses are far from local marketing models, because they do not focus their services on a limited geographic area, but tend to cover markets by language.

3 and 4.- If the price of the product or service offered by the SME is high, or if the SME is capable of retaining its customers month after month, an SEO strategy could fit in with Inbound Marketing. A much more complete marketing strategy, integrating a serious content strategy, Landing Page, forms, etc…, but also beyond the economic reach of many SMEs. Learn more about building customer loyalty with quality customer service.

5.-  Differences between SMEs that have a customer service location and SMEs without a location: SMEs with a customer service location can take advantage of local online marketing and above all of appearing well ranked on Google Maps, which has a very direct relationship, although apparently, it does not have one, with the business website.

6.-  For SEO ranking for an SME to work better, it is advisable to direct a large part of the SEO effort towards keywords that indicate the specialization of the business. In other words, you have to know what the strengths of the business are, those that make it stand out from the competition, and work on SEO geared towards it.

Important for SMEs: highlight their specialization strengths when working on SEO

Does the website of SMEs influence their SEO?

Yes, in fact, it is not that it influences, it is that it is decisive, or rather the SEO of an SME depends on 90% of the web page.

The website of an SME determines its future as a company. SEO web design = good future

The advantage of the web pages of SMEs is that they are usually easy to change, the change represents a low-cost investment, compared to the very high cost that the change would have for large companies.

90% of the web pages of SMEs in Spain , and also in other countries as we observed on the trip to meet SMEs in Europe , have their web page poorly built in order to later be able to do a correct SEO job . So they need to change it.

But they should not change it with a company that is not specialized in SEO for SMEs, because their situation will not change, or it may even get worse (this is the day to day that we observe with the past of our clients).

The design of a web is not only that it looks pretty…, the design of a web page for an SME must be an SEO web design.

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