SEO Ranking: Benefits of SEO for you

It seems incredible, but in the 21st century, there are still users who, when they contact a  Web Design company, are not clear about the benefits of SEO ranking on a website.

And they insist that they only want a web page or even companies that claim that just by designing the web for them, the SEO ranking works and they will be ranked.

Therefore, to clarify all possible misunderstandings, so that you know why SEO benefits you and your company…We are going to explain all the benefits that you can obtain with website ranking and how to get to them:

  • Visibility
  • Increase
  • Traffic
  • contacts
  • Customers
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Economy


In general terms, the benefits of SEO ranking can be summarized in one main point, which is: that SEO ranking is the cheapest customer acquisition tool and the most profitable marketing technique for businesses.

The problem with SEO ranking is that it is a great unknown, or many times it is thought that it is very difficult to reach the top positions in Google without paying Google. And this comes from previous experiences that managers or directors of SMEs have had regarding SEO, which have not been satisfactory at all.

And here is the key to everything, the fact that the vast majority of SEO experiences are negative, is due to the fact that very few SEO agencies know what they are doing, and hence also by choosing the right SEO agency you can get rid of to all your competition at a stroke, because you will be well ranked, but your competition will not know how to get where you are.

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In the case of any other type of advertising, you pay, and if your competition then pays more, you will be surpassed. In the case of SEO this is not the case. It is like imposing a barrier to entry to your competition.

SEO ranking and its benefits: Visibility

It seems obvious, but it must be emphasized, that with SEO, with the SEO ranking of your company’s website, you will achieve, over time, with continuous work, with patience, that your website achieves more visibility in the Google search engine when users , your potential customers, search for your products or your services in it.

In other words, when a user thinks they need a company like yours, they will find you. This is very powerful for your business.

Basically you could say that SEO equals Visibility.

SEO ranking and its benefits: Growth

It is linked to visibility and traffic, which we will discuss later.

SEO ranking is the only stable way to grow in the medium and long term.

Without it, there is no way to grow, the web would be stagnant and would not grow in visibility without being tied to the payment of external advertising, which is more expensive every day.

So SEO ensures, as long as it is done by a professional company, that your company on the internet grows steadily and continuously. You will only have to see the graphs and be attentive to the increase in interested clients.

SEO Ranking and its benefits: Traffic

Qualified traffic is only obtained through very specific strategic designs.

And for that, a good SEO strategy is absolutely necessary, you can’t work on just any word, you have to design a strategy well thinking about the type of client who will see the web, who will search in Google, who will browse it…

That way we will get traffic (qualified traffic) and better results.

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And the more quality traffic you get, the more chances there are to generate customers.

SEO ranking and its benefits: Contacts

The better the SEO worked on the web, the more chances of success.

If the website is also designed with SEO and conversion in mind, it will generate contacts interested in your products and services.

These contacts are not just any contacts like those that are achieved with any other type of advertising, such as advertising on Facebook. They are contacts who wanted to hire your products or services before they met you , and now that they have found you they are determined to hire you, and you are among their main options.

Benefits of SEO: Clients

If the response times between the contact and the call or contact with the users who have contacted are short, it is more than possible that the step between contact and customers is short, and therefore there are more conversions and it is more profitable for you.

In other words, with SEO ranking you not only get contacts, but with an adequate sales force, you will get many clients, which is what matters.

SEO ranking and its benefits

SEO Benefits: Security

SEO ranking is the safest marketing technique that exists.

Done well, it will not compromise the security of your website, it will not jeopardize your relationship with Google, and this will also affect how customers see you and the trust that your website projects.

We are talking about an SEO that complies with Google guidelines and its quality guides, an SEO without links , that cannot harm your business in the future.

Thinking of hiring an SEO company? Ask him if he will put links to your website, the vast majority will answer yes… Run away from there, before they harm your business.

SEO and its benefits: Stability

SEO is the most stable strategy that exists, in the long term it is the one that works best, the most reliable, the cheapest and the one that offers the best results.

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SEO is 7 times cheaper than Facebook Ads… And that Facebook Ads is famous for being cheap, and also will not bring to your business contacts who were already interested in your services, but will bring contacts who are browsing their social networks and you flood them with an ad for something they may or may not be interested in.

Therefore, SEO is the most reliable strategy to follow in the long term. And for which any company that wants to grow and stay afloat on the internet should opt for.

It should be noted that stability is achieved with an SEO without links. If you try to cheat Google, you will not have stability.

SEO ranking and its benefits: Economy

All the previous points lead to this point. More traffic, more stability, more security, more contacts, more customers, more visibility, more growth…

All this is also accompanied by the fact that it is the cheapest marketing technique on the market, as we have already mentioned before, on average 7 times cheaper than Facebook Ads and 10 times cheaper than Google Ads, when it comes to getting qualified contacts ( in fact the contacts obtained by SEO are much more qualified than those obtained by any other form of marketing).

Taking into account all these points, all the benefits that SEO can bring you: Are you willing to take advantage of all this to make your business shine on the internet?

Go for it?

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