How To Access Terminal in cPanel

From your cPanel, you can access your Terminal interface, an in-browser application that gives you direct command line access to perform tasks and enter commands within the cPanel.  Through your Terminal interface, you have direct access to your server, allowing you to run different admin tasks faster by compiling them into a series of command line instructions. However, you must be careful when using this interface to avoid leaving your cPanel inoperable. 

Let’s learn how to access the terminal in cPanel.

Note: Only users using a shared business plan can have access to the terminal interface.

Use of Terminal in cPanel

Before we get started on how you can use the terminal in cPanel, let’s look at some of the benefits of using the terminal:

One of the benefits of using a terminal is that you are able to complete tasks faster than with graphical applications and menus. You also have access to many more commands and scripts.

Through your terminal, a task that requires you to navigate through the Software Centre or Synaptic Manager can be done with a single command.

Now that you have learned the use as well as the benefit of the terminal let’s get started on how to access the terminal on your cPanel.

How to access Terminal in cPanel(Video)

Log into your cPanel. You can do this directly or through your Harmon Web client area.

How to access Terminal in cPanel

When you have logged into your cPanel, scroll down to the ADVANCED menu. In the menu, you will find the Terminal option. Click on it to open the terminal.

you will find the Terminal option. Click on it to open the terminal.

A warning message will appear on the screen if it is your first time accessing the terminal. Accept the warning notice by clicking I understand and want to proceed.

Note: You won’t see the message again when you next access the interface.

On the interface, you now have command line access to your account and can start running commands.

When you are done working on the Terminal interface and end your session, the access to the interface’s terminal window will be terminated.

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