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With shared hosting, there will be multiple sites using the resources of a single server. Usually, you’ll be partitioned a certain amount of server resources your site can utilize. Typically, shared hosting plans are some of the most affordable plans out there. When you have a shared web hosting plan, you’ll have access to a certain portion of server resources, defined by the hosting company you end up choosing. You’ll typically have access to the server environment through an integrated control panel. Shared hosting is also very beginner friendly, as server maintenance and any other necessary tasks are managed by the hosting company. The only thing you’re responsible for is your own website.

Shared hosting is the perfect fit for beginners who are just getting started online. Since shared hosting is typically geared towards beginners the setup process is usually very intuitive and the host handles the more complex tasks. By choosing a shared host you’ll also enjoy other benefits including:

  • Cost savings as shared hosting is the cheapest form of hosting available

  • Shared hosting can usually be easily upgraded to higher packages
  • No technical skills required

  • Built-in cPanel integration, so site management is a breeze
  • With shared hosting, multiple sites share the same hardware and software resources of a single physical server. Typically, a shared server has pre-installed scripts and software that every site on the server must utilize. Think of it this way. Say there’s an apartment building that has dozens of apartments. Each apartment is a different website. But, the building’s resources like utilities and other apartment benefits are shared by each individual.

    Shared hosting is geared towards beginners. If this is your first time building a website and you’d like to host your own site but outsource a lot of the complex technical tasks, then shared hosting is a great choice. If you have a high-traffic website or a very large website, then you’ll want to look into other hosting options, like dedicated servers, VPS hosting, cloud server hosting, or even WordPress-specific hosting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Quickly morph client-centric results through performance based applications. Proactively facilitate professional human capital for cutting-edge.

    What is reseller hosting?

    Reseller web hosting is an option that involves one company (a hosting provider) renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another company (small-mid size business), who then rents the space to third parties (entrepreneurs-small business). Simply put, reseller hosting is the ability to provide hosting to your own clients as if you yourself were the web hosting company. This is typical for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own web hosting firm or for current web developers and designers who desire to add additional services to their brand.

    How does reseller hosting work?

    Here are the (perhaps over-simplified) steps to establishing a reseller business:
    1) Go to our reseller hosting page
    2) Purchase the reseller package that meets the goals of your business
    3) Know and understand your target market to locate your new customers
    4) Create your own branded hosting packages
    5) Decide your price
    6) Sell hosting packages to your clients

    Do you offer any billing system with Reseller Hosting Plans?

    Of Course HarmonWeb are now partner with WHMCS we do offer Free Whmcs *Starter Licenses* *Licenses* with Cpanel reseller Extended hosting plans. and WHMCS plugin it’s ready in your clients cpanel, You just need to click and install WHMCS Licenses will be provide to you by email and your client area, you can connect it with your Cpanel reseller hosting account without any problem. Also WHMCS Support System included, you can also mange to approve your orders automaticlly for clients.

    Do you offer Dedicated IPs for me and my clients ?

    Yes HarmonWeb can proivde you with Dedicated IPs normal can be order it from clients area it’s cost 4.00$ per IP, just make sure to write in comment name of the site you want to assign this IP for it and we will do it for you,

    Will my clients know it’s me…or my hosting company?

    They will believe it’s you! You see, you can run your own hosting business under your banner and brand without your clients knowing who your actual upstream hosting provider is. This gives you total control in promoting your business with your name written all over it!

    What Does It Means SSD?

    Solid state drives (SSD) and Hard Drives (HDD) are two different types of computer hard drives but on sense of functionally everything is the same. On SSD Drives data is instead stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain the data even when there’s no electric power present. SSD Drives are up to 30x faster compared with HDD Drives. All HarmonWeb servers run on servers with SSD Drives.

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