How to Block Spam Bots in WordPress

Although there are many benefits of WordPress, it’s not immune to annoying attacks by spambots. While these are typically nothing more than a nuisance, they can have a big impact on the data associated with your website.

Since inaccurate data can result in poor choices in regards to future content development, you need to stop spam bots at once.

Fortunately, this isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds – especially when using the WordPress content management system.

Two Steps for Getting Started

There are two simple ways to stop spam bots in WordPress:

  • Choose a powerful plugin that can work behind the scenes
  • Alter the settings in the dashboard

Adding a plugin is a simple four-step process:

  1. Visit the plugins tab on your dashboard
  2. Click the “add new” button
  3. Search the keywords “spam bot” or “stop/block spam bots”
  4. Review your options, install the best one, and activate it when ready

In most cases, you can find a simple to use (and free) WordPress spam bot plugin that makes a big difference in your site’s performance and the way you analyze data.

Eliminate WordPress Comment Spam Bots

Note: you can also reduce spam within the comment section by navigating to the settings tab in your dashboard. By controlling comments, such as eliminating them altogether or holding them in moderation, you don’t have to concern yourself with spam bogging down the comment section of your blog.

WordPress plugins to combat comment spam:


Used by millions of websites, Akismet filters out hundreds of millions of spam comments from the Web every day. Add Akismet to your site so you don’t have to worry about spam again.

How it works:

“This algorithm learns from its mistakes and from the actions taken by participating websites. For example, when a number of websites start reporting similar looking content as spam, then Akismet will learn to identify that kind of content as SPAM in the future.”

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up: Sign up for an Akismet plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Activate: Use your API key to activate your Akismet plugin or module.
  3. Relax: Rest easy knowing that Akismet is protecting your site from spam.

Add Captcha Verification

Using WP-reCAPTCHA plugin, you can enable recaptcha challenge on your comment forms. Recaptcha shows an image containing characters, users need to type those characters to prove that they are human.

Final Thoughts

Spam bots in Google Analytics and WordPress can cause a variety of problems, so don’t let this issue linger any longer.

With the advice above, you can quickly and efficiently eliminate spam bots to improve site performance.

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