How To Login To Your cPanel From Your HarmonWeb Client Area

If you want to login to cPanel you have two ways of doing that with us. You can login to cPanel either directly through the server’s login URL or from your Client Area.

How To Login To cPanel Through From Client Area

1. Visit harmonweb.com And Login To Your Client Area

2. Click On Services

3. Select The Hosting You Want To Login To Its cPanel

4. Now Click On Login To cPanel

Now you are done!

How To Login To cPanel Using Direct Link

Step 1. Navigate to your website with “/cpanel” added to the end of the domain name. Be sure to replace example.com with your actual domain name.
example.com/cpanelYou can also use the following links to access your cPanel login page:
Temp Control Panel: server2.harmonweb.com:2083
Alternate cPanel address: cpanel.example.com

Step 2. You will then be on the cPanel login page. Enter your cPanel username and password, then click the Log in button. Your cPnel login details are contained in the email message sent to you with the subject “New Account Information” after purchasing hosting from us.

You will then be logged into your main cPanel account. It will look like this:

Video Tutorial

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